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Rural Banking

JCS supports balanced development of Ghana by bridging the rural-urban gap. We enhance the growth of various rural communities across the country, by provision of both debt and equity instruments to profitable Rural and Community Banks (RCBs), and by empowering such banks to deliver much needed products and services to rural communities.

We provide technical services including training and consulting services to rural financial institutions, technical assistance to agricultural producers and value chains, and business development to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.

JCS monitors the financial performance of the investee RCBs and SMEs; assesses the liquidity position of the bank and makes decisions on advances; monitors the bank’s investments; reviews the operational budget; ensures that accounts are prepared for audit; ensures that prudential returns are prepared and submitted; ensures provision for bad and doubtful loans; and ensures that policies and manuals are updated and implemented.

We also pride ourselves in a unique social impact company that assist RBCs and SMEs for listing on the Ghana Alternative Market (GAX). JCS also works in collaboration with GAX for listing of SMEs and RCBs.