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JCS - Ghana Renewable Energy Risk Capital Fund

Renewable energy (RE) has a significant potential to mitigate global climate change, address regional and local environmental concerns, reduce poverty, and increase energy security. For renewable energies to achieve their market potential, policy frameworks and financial instruments are necessary to give financiers the necessary assurance and incentives to invest in large-scale in clean energy and efficiency systems. 

Government of Ghana came out with its National Energy Policy (2010) with the aim of achieving 10% contribution of renewable energy in the electricity generation mix by 2020. In other words, provisions have been made in terms of policies and regulations for an enabling environment.

However, effective partnerships and financial support is required to achieve the objectives relating to national devolvement of renewable energy within the time scale. Although renewable energy potential in Ghana is clear, research has also identified a financing gap.

JCS recognizes the financing gap within the sector and has been working assiduously with both foreign and local partners to raise additional capital.

The proposed fund name will be Ghana Renewable Energy Risk Capital (GRERC) fund. JCS intend to find innovative financing mechanisms for financing the renewable energy sector with a particular focus on SMEs, domestic and green projects. GRERC seeks to overcome existing barriers and will help clean and efficient energy become commonplace and also work with businesses to be greener focus. JCS will ensure that the most promising renewable energy and energy efficiency projects/concepts are selected using transparent analysis based on internationally recognised criteria. Assessment criteria:

• Early stage companies

• Revenue generating companies

• Companies with a strong proof of concept

• Possibility of commercialisation in the region

JCS will provide additional guidance and support.

The JCS GRERC Fund is a Fund with a target size of 30million USD and with first closing target of 10 million USD

It is a medium to long term fund taking average investment of 5 - 7years, and we take into consideration one and half years for disbursement and another one and half years for recovery.