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Partnering for progressBridging the Divide, Cultivating Opportunities

JCS Investments Limited is a passionate advocate for social and environmental issues, focusing on key areas of advocacy to drive meaningful change. Our focus includes Financial Inclusion, Positive Gender lens investments, Climate change (including initiatives such as advocating for the ban of single-use plastics, Small Scale/Illegal Mining also known as Galamsey, and petitioning for the establishment of an environmental court in Ghana), and the Inclusion of People with Special Needs at the Workplace. Our firm recognizes that true impact goes hand in hand with active involvement and driving positive change. With a deep understanding of the evolving investment landscape, we strive for equal access to financial services for all. Through educational programs and initiatives, we engage with stakeholders, policymakers, and industry leaders to advocate for responsible business practices, transparency and long-term sustainable development.

Climate Justice

Our commitment to addressing climate change is unwavering. We are committed to educating citizens about the impact of single-use plastics and small-scale/illegal mining, also known as galamsey. Our advocacy seeks to empower people to help make important decisions around climate change issues, as we believe that promoting behavioural change is key to achieving a more sustainable environment. Through campaigns, roundtable discussions with like-minded people and institutions, and surveys, we aim to ban the manufacturing, importation, and use of single-use plastics in Ghana by 2025. We also publish our JCS Impact journal, which educates the public about climate change issues and actively seeks solutions to mitigate the menace.

JCS Green Card

Go Green, Spend GreenThe JCS Green Card

The JCS Green Card, a co-branded initiative by JCS Investments Limited and UBA Bank, offers a powerful solution – a Prepaid Visa Card that empowers you to make a difference with every purchase.

This innovative partnership goes beyond convenience, channeling 1% of your card usage fees directly towards tackling critical environmental and social issues in Ghana. It’s a seamless way to contribute to a greener, more equitable future while enjoying the benefits of a secure, convenient prepaid card. The JCS Green Card isn’t just a financial tool; it’s a powerful instrument for change.

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Financial Inclusion

We strive for equal access to financial services for all. Through educational programs and initiatives, we promote financial literacy and empower individuals to make informed financial decisions, fostering greater economic participation.

FIBOP (Financial Inclusion of the Base of the Pyramid)

FIBOP is one of the financial inclusion advocacy projects of JCS Investments Ltd. This project has the intention of reaching out to the other 65% of the population who have been financially excluded and make these financial services accessible to them. Thus, members of the society who otherwise do not have access to banks and other major financial institutions (such as in the more rural areas) will now have easier access to financial services including savings, insurance and remittances. FIBOP is presented in the form of outlets that sell financial services such as mobile money, agency bank, remittance and insurance services. These outlets are normally located in the rural areas of Ghana to improve accessibility of financial products and services to society particularly in the less developed areas of the country. 


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Advocacy & EngagementDriving Social Inclusion for People with Special Needs

We are passionate about working towards the inclusion of people with special needs in the workplace. We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to thrive in society and contribute to the economy’s growth. Hence, we visit special needs schools and provide learning resources and work equipment to those in vocational training. We also invest in and advertise their craft and encourage employers to hire people with special needs; this helps in tapping into various talents and attracting qualified candidates who may have otherwise been overlooked.


SENHUB is a platform created to empower people with disability. It is a transformative initiative to bridge the gap between people with Special needs, disabilities and the broader community. Our platform features a revolutionary Online Marketplace and a Job Recruitment Portal.

We are committed to fostering inclusivity, ensuring that individuals with disabilities and special needs have a level playing field. SENHUB is more than just a platform; it's a movement. Our primary objective is to empower individuals with special needs by providing a platform to showcase their extraordinary talents and sell their unique products and services. Through SENHUB, individuals with disabilities have the chance to generate income by showcasing their talents and abilities.

  • Our platform shines a spotlight on student entrepreneurs, providing them with a stage to showcase their innovative products and services. SENHUB believes in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within this community, enabling them to achieve their dreams. Every purchase you make improves the live of a disabled person and their families.
  • SENHUB hosts a cutting-edge recruitment portal, that connects employers    with talented students and individuals with special needs. We aim to bridge the gap between job seekers and inclusive employers, promoting diverse and dynamic workplaces. Employers can recruit from a pool of qualified candidates to diversify their workforce.
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Positive Gender Lens Investment

JCS promote women owned businesses. Gender equity and women’s economic empowerment are central to our values. We actively invest in businesses that prioritize gender equality and support initiatives that uplift women in the financial sector, aiming to create a more inclusive and equitable society.