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Foreign Direct Investments

Our objectives are associated with ‘triple bottom line’ results, i.e. sound financial returns, people benefits, and environmental sustainability. With this in mind, we offer:

  •     Partnership with investors seeking to break new ground, develop new technology or create sustainable, profitable business
  •     Creating partnerships with local businesses seeking to gain strength, agility and stability through foreign investments, e.g. in order to boost productivity.
  •     To help promote viable foreign investments in Ghana to help grow the local economy

    Collaborating with your organization to help make Ghana the right and attractive hub for foreign investments.

JCS combines the ability to deal with short-term operational issues with an appreciation of longer term opportunities linked to the growth of the economy. The company has been at the forefront of helping to facilitate new investment, particularly in the micro-finance and agro-processing sub-sectors. Our proven track record confirms that we are the ‘partner of choice’ for investors seeking to overcome the challenges faced by new ventures in Ghana.

JCS offers various services that can be offered to investors. JCS services include:

  •     Providing an investment facilitation service for investors who come into the country seeking to establish businesses in Ghana. This activity can cover registration of the new business, through due diligence, to operational launch and market development. We can help investors identify potential partners and check their history.
  •     Assisting investors who want to diversify their portfolio by making investments in Ghanaian institutions, through equity, debt, convertible debt, etc.
  •     Helping identify, create and recommend viable, sustainable investment opportunities for investors

    Connecting investors from overseas with strategic partners in Ghana.