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JCS has a solid track record of promoting sustainable and profitable companies in emerging markets around the globe. Thousands of jobs has been created at the same time as the investments have generated profits.

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Our Impact Investments

As an Impact Investments company, our analysts select investments which helps address social and environmental issues while generating sustainable financial return

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About Us

JCS Investments Limited is a social investment company licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commssion.

  • What We Do

    With our high level of financial expertise we offer a range of investments and fund management services to both local and foreign clients.
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  • Guiding Principles

    At JCS we focus on Positive Economic Returns to our Shareholders, High Social Impact and High Environment Standards.
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  • Our Team

    JCS, though a lean organisation is made up of vibrant and unique individuals with a high sense of professionalism in executing our day to day activities Learn More +

Latest News/Articles

How Cell Phones Can Spur Development

The roughly 2.5 billion people in the world who live on less than $2 a day are not destined to remain in a state of chronic poverty. Every few years, somewhere between ten and 30 percent of the world’s poorest households manage to escape poverty, typically by finding steady employment or through entrepreneurial activities such as growing a business or improving agricultural harvests. During that same period, however, roughly an equal number of households slip below the poverty line. Health-related emergencies are the most common cause, but there are many more: crop failures, livestock deaths, farming-equipment breakdowns, even wedding expenses.


From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy Practical Solutions and Actionable Insights on How to Do Impact Investing

From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy is both an attempt – and an opportunity – to disseminate the best practices and lessons learned from the first movers, early adopters and bold innovators in the field of impact investing, with the goal of further advancing the sector.